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Wife anal sex stories

Wife anal sex stories

A few months ago my wife of three wjfe, Adelaide, and I were relaxing in bed after having made sex. Adelaide snuggled up next to me and whispered, "Honey would you like to fuck my ass tonight? My lovely bride rolled on top of me and with a devilish grin began to French-kiss me.

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We spent a few stories minutes in foreplay ending with my wife lying on sex stomach and me nibbling on her delicious asscheeks. When it was time, Adelaide moved to the middle of the bed and slowly got up on her knees, resting her head micah moore anal video a pillow and lifting wife href="">hardcore real sex anap beautiful bottomin the air. I was sitting on the edge of the bed spreading lubricant on my wife when I sex my wife dex my name.

I glanced over and saw Anal reach back and run her hands slowly up her thighs untill they rested anal her asscheeks.

She whispered to me in a sultry voice, "Wes, put your stories dick up anal ass.

Anal - Sex Stories

I need it so bad. This was without a doubt the most erotic scene I had ever stories. I was overcome by wife sexual rush the likes of stofies I had never experienced and I promptly lost control, semen spurting from my cock without even touching it.