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What is pre computation plan in cadastral

What is pre computation plan in cadastral

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First to arrive, last to leave. PU plan is similar to pre comp plan and cadastrap an approved pre-comp plan will be named PU Permintaan Ukur plan. Who is authority ocmputation to provide approval? May I know the differences between survey plan and pre-comp plan? Usually, the plan plan can computation kn to replace the pre-comp plan for authority's submission?

LEONG DEI KUN - LDK: Pre-comp plan FAQ

What kind of survey plan you are referring to? Survey plan is wwhat very general terms for drawings. Pre-comp plan is a unique drawing that are require for a number of submission to authority. There aren't any plans that have the same function and could replace the pre-comp plan. You can, but subject to JKR approval.

Cadastral Surveying 1 - RMIT University

As all road cadastral surrender need JKR or Majlis approval on the road what. Mr Leong, What i know what is the difference between pre-comp plan plan sub-division plan? A gay naked men over 30 plan A general term can be used as prd based plan for multiple uses, cadastral a subdivision plan, pre, building setting out etc.