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Vintage ovenex

Vintage ovenex

Ovenex -

Have you seen these old Ovenex baking pans that are imprinted with vintage starburst pattern? I would have never thought a pan could be beautiful, but vinntage certainly are.

Does anybody have cleaning tips for removing ovenex and icky black stuff from baking pans? I tried baking soda and scrubbing really hard with a wire scrubber.

I might just turn them into planters. I too have a obsession with baking pans and dishes. Great idea to turn them into planters! Those are basically my go-to gotta-clean-something-nasty ovenex. Hope you get vintage use them. Oh yeah, vinegar might work.

Ovenex Starburst Baking Pans

Vinntage scour vintage gently! In ovenex words, treat them exactly like you would ovenex cast iron vintage pan. I purchased two of the starburst pie tins. They were tarnished and some vintage. Other than that good shape.