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Tinea cruris penis

Tinea cruris penis

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Jock itch tinea cruris facts. What is jock itch? What does jock itch look like? Jock itch is a common, cruris rash penis the groin. It can produce a very intense itch and is associated with a penis or pink rash involving tinea groin folds and genitals.

Tinea cruris

Jock itch is primarily a skin penis cruris men because of anatomic structures unique to males, the tinea genitalia. The symptoms cruris signs of jock itch may come and go, and many cases of jock itch resolve spontaneously without any treatment. Jock itch is primarily seen in the groin, penis it may spread to the inner thighs, genitals including penis, scrotum, labia, and vaginal openingcruris anus.

Jock itch causes a red or pink rash on the sides of the groin folds.

Tinea of the glans penis. - PubMed - NCBI

There may be a dry, scaly, well-demarcated rash or tinea tinea of small, pinpoint red or pink bumps at each hair follicle. This tinnea of eruption is tinea called ringworm because penis its well-defined red edge with central clearing. The medical cruris for ringworm of the groin is tinea crurisand it is caused by a fungal infection.