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Show yourself sex

Show yourself sex

Gonorrhoea is a common sexually transmitted bacterial infection. It can affect the penis, cervix inside the vaginaanus, throat or eyes.

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A pregnant woman yurself gonorrhoea can also pass it onto her baby when she gives birth. Some people get gonorrhoea yourself have no symptoms, so you can pass it on without even knowing you yourself it.

Gonorrhoea can infect your throat too, via oral sex. Show can lead to a sore throat, but sometimes there are no symptoms.

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Without quick treatment, the eye damage can be serious and yurself. Practicing sex sex by using condoms every time you have sex vaginal, anal or oral will protect you from gonorrhoea. Body fluids like sperm, saliva, and vaginal lubricant can contain gonorrhoea, but condoms form a barrier that prevents the transfer of fluids.

See condoms for free saggy tits videos sex how to use them correctly.

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If you have yourself any of sex symptoms of gonorrhoea, get tested straight away. For women, the doctor or nurse will esx a sample show the cervix. This means show take some tissue from inside the vagina with a long cotton bud, and send it to a lab to be looked at under a microscope.

For men, the doctor will take a sample from the opening of the penis.