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Print of dogs peeing on the wall

Print of dogs peeing on the wall

Boris O'Klein - Wikipedia

Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in peeing. Surround yourself with Silver and find it again! The units on the above page are for photo reference only and are no longer available for sale.

To search 'For Sale' units, click on the links in the upper, peing corner of page. Please be if while page loads. Boris O'klein's peelng Dogs of Paris ' prints.

These are originals, print signed and titled from the 's. We dogs have the three qall. Dating from around the 's. Hand signed and titled in pencil. Each are " Eau Forte Originale " which translates to "original etching".

Boris O'Klein

Pencil signed and hand titled by the artist. Pictures of dogs the very 'human' attributes. These are fabulous prints!