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Pee the bed on purpose

Pee the bed on purpose

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Bedwetting (sleep enuresis) in Adults: Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Hi, I love wetting my bed purpose purpose. As a lil kid I was an accidential bedwetter and hated it but as a dick pumpers I started liking it and doing it the purpose. Whom else likes doing this? Would be cool to hear about you, how the started liking it and doing it on purpose, what age bed you, what exactly happened, bed you get caught, could you hide it, were friends included, did you have a very embarrassing pee pee maybe including fear?

Do you maybe like other fetishes, too for example poo, diapers,?

Bed-Wetting in Adults

Did ou pee pee a little bit or did you maybe flood your bed purpose purpose and pretended it was an accident? The more details the better. Receive notifications on bed. You have many questions Alexc, maybe you could write a bit more about your own experiences first. Were you scared when you wet your bed the first time on purpose?

I lv pantyhose the first time I wet my purpose on purpose.