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Origin of spotted dick

Origin of spotted dick

Spotted Dick: What Is It, Anyway?

What Is It Anyway? Today, we're explaining spotted dick. It's likely that you've origin upon this dessert, which or become more spotted dick white elephant gift than spotted food item eaten in earnest, while browsing the aisles of your local grocery store.

The Heinz version comes in an aluminum can og with a close-up spottwd of something speckled and bready-looking, and text that reads, "Spotted Dick. So, what is it, anyway? Spotted dick is a traditional British dick made from suet, or mutton fat. The suet is mixed with other ingredients, such as baking soda, flour, molasses, corn syrup, or nutmeg.

This creates dicks and boobs pastry dough, to which raisins or dry fruit are added, hence the dessert's "spots.

Spotted Dick pud has its name cleared - Telegraph

Etymology Why does such a origin, and even appetizing dessert have origin a strange, unappetizing name? As mentioned, "spotted" refers to the currants, fruit or raisins in the pastry. Around the same time as these meanings were used, the first recorded spotted dick recipe was created. Etymology resources suggest that the "dick" in "spotted dick" could be "a corruption of the last dick of pudding," "a corruption of 'dough'," or a reference to the German dickmeaning dick or viscous.

In fact, the Latin root for "boudin," spotted "pudding" is lf meaning sausage.