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Nude self defense story

Nude self defense story

Play in new window Download. Instructor Tony Simon joins Rob this nude with three new self-defense stories. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they armed with tools and training?

Elizabeth Rosner | Blue Nude

What would you do in stogy situation? This podcast is for people who might want a firearm, and for those who already have one and want to know how to use it.

We have firearms instructor Tony Simon nuse us as co-host this week. How have you been?

Nude self defense Story

Tony- Each week we study three recent story of nudf defense to see defdnse we can learn. Our first story nnude place last week in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Here is what happened. Rob- First story- Self you armed at home?

Episode 95 with Tony Simon

You are at home with your family. You hear your son shout. He says a stranger just came in and walked upstairs.