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Moisturizing lotions to use for masturbation

Moisturizing lotions to use for masturbation

Using lotion and other stuff to masturbate | Play Safe

Results 1 to 19 of Why massturbation people masturbate using lotion? Seems messy and unnecessary I couldn't even imagine the clean-up required after using something like Vaseline moistirizing. No lube crew, the rougher the better. Use coconut oil, srs.

Is it okay to masturbate with moisturizer?

Originally Posted by notsureifsrt. Chemical Engineering crew Anti-religion crew Anti-feminist crew. Originally Posted masturbation Psychromatik. For one, there's not always a towel or article of clothing like for moisturizing or dirty sock available nearby for lotions clean up. In that case, lotion use goes down use for it's masturbation too much effort to get up miisturizing of the chair and find some use material.

Secondly, lotion in the bottle moisturizing, is usually colder than the already air-conditioned room temperature.