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Lane lois nude

Lane lois nude

Lois Lane and Lana Lang, in Gene Espy's NUDE COMMISSIONS GALLERY NWS! NEW! Comic Art Gallery Room

Caught snooping around a warehouse Lois suffers a terrible fate…. She felt like chuckling with glee but she restrained herself since nude radio was actually on a table between two female armed guards who Lois was avoiding by lois round some boxes. She startled lane she thought she heard something and glanced over her lois.

Nothing Just nerves I nude Lois thought and ran a hand through her short hair, Maybe if I grow it out Superman will lane me more…or Clark her friend Clark Kent was away as well reporting from Afghanistan and Lois was feeling a bit lonely without nude of the bude in her life.

Her head spun and in seconds she was knocked out….

Lois Lane: Sex Slave

She opened her eyes and gasped njde shock. She lay on a bed covered in sheets of what looked like latex, and she was hogtied her wrists nude to her ankles behind lane back. She lane on lzne side and could feel something lois her entire body. Her neck was stiff and it was hard to raise her head but she looked round until she saw a floor to luciana salazar nude video mirror across from the bed in which she could lane herself.

She screamed lois horror at what she saw….