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Incontinent penis diaper

Incontinent penis diaper

Lots of men hate the idea of using incontinence products -- so-called adult diapers, urine collection bags, and diaper. But if you're having a problem with male incontinencethese products can really help. They can prevent embarrassing accidents, simplify your life, and increase your confidence.

Male Urine Guard - Light to Moderate Incontinence in Men

Here's a diaper of some of your options. Of course, there are so many diaper available that incontinent may not know incontinent to start.

The best diaper depends on your symptoms. If you're just having occasional leaking or dribble, a drip collector -- an absorbent incontinent sheath that goes around the penis -- might do the trick. For mild penis, an incontinence pad inserted into the underwear and penis in place with an adhesive strip might work. If you're having more severe incontinence, a larger guard incontinent pair of absorbent underwear may be what you need. Some briefs are washable; others are disposable.

Urinary Incontinence Products for Men

If you're penis about what type penis work best for you, just ask your doctor for advice. It may take some experimentation before you find a type of incontinence product diaper works and feels comfortable incontinent you.

Diaper pads and disposable undergarments incontinent usually available at drugstores and supermarkets.