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I cannot see the domain that was in the domain and I know that nobody won it as it is a unique name. I want to buy some domain with. I have godaddy auction account but not able to find any. Hi I buy a domain 2 days before so how long I have to wait?? An auction win can take up to a week to get in your account, the previous registrant can still renew. Any ideas of how much this domain might be worth? What would be the best way of going about selling it for the highest price possible?

Nobody else has a bid on this name so far. What about payment processing? Or the buyer pays me? Thank you. More info: Your email address will not be published.

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Beginners guide to Go Daddy Auctions

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Closeouts Closesouts are expiring names that got no interest during the 10 day auction. Using advanced search Since there are so many names listed, with so many types of auctions, it will make sense to use the advanced search to hone in on what you are looking for.

Any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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Share this: Comments Great guide, thank you very much for this. Peter the 42 days is included in the time on auction. This is great, just what I wAs looking for. To run an auction is free. Hello, My question is that i bought one domain from godaddy. Thanks in Advance. You can try using a coupon code to get the registration price down.

Thanks for this post. Buying Domains at Auction Visit a domain auction website to search domains. Options include: This one also has full websites for sale.

Premium domains: Estibot Appraisal: Inventory constantly changes. See if you can figure out why the domain was dropped. Registrant no longer with the company Could offer value to you. Email address is no longer valid and not receiving emails about the domain name expiry Could offer value to you. Forgot about owning the domain name. Could offer value to you. Legal reason May not be worth investing in. Place your bid.

Beginners guide to Go Daddy Auctions - TLD Investors

Use tools such as NameBio. If you win the bid: The seller should contact you to arrange the transfer. Many marketplaces have guides to help you do this.

Answer Wiki. Answered Sep 9, There are a few ways to register a domain name through the domain aftermarket: Thank you for your feedback! How do I get the maximum value for my domain auction on GoDaddy?

Where can I find actual sale prices of domains on GoDaddy Auctions? After how many days will I get my domain name purchased from GoDaddy domain auction? Why does GoDaddy charge a yearly subscription for bidding on a single domain name on GoDaddy Auctions? Hope the above helps. Want to learn web development from scratch for free? Answered Mar 5, Related Questions How do I sell a domain name purchased from another register at Godaddy auction?

What do the traffic rankings on GoDaddy domain auctions mean in real terms? What is a good GoDaddy bid sniper?

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In the end the supposed buyer I'm seriously doubting there ever was any never pays So you would expect GoDaddy to take action, right? Well someone mails me saying they left a voicemail message with the buyer.

And that's it. But then it gets even worse. After I start complaining about the entire process and make clear I'm not accepting the buyer to be let off the hook so easily I receive an e-mail from GoDaddy stating that I, the seller, have cancelled the auction and therefore negotiations with the seller have been terminated.

And what does that even mean 'negotiations terminated'? The negotiations were already terminated and the price was already agreed! This is in my opinion an extremely dirty practice of GoDaddy just so that they don't have to go through any trouble. However when they actually have to do something for an auction they just say 'screw you. If the buyer is not paying - Godaddy would just take his or her Auction membership. That is it.

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