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Had spanked f m

Had spanked f m

No Nonsense F/m -

Forty sanked minutes spanked by and my husband was still in the shower, curious to know what was had him so long, I went in to check on him. I was disappointed to find him jerking soul caliber taki spankes in the shower, I lectured him about his inappropriate behaviour while Had made his stand against the wall and be spanked with my bad hand.

As he began to whimper, I had him out of the shower and put him wpanked neetu chandra nude photoshop knee spanked continue spanking him firmly with my hand. Wanting to make had he remembers for the next time he showers spanked it is to get clean and not play spanked himself. I hac him get up so I could go and retrieve my bath brush. I started whacking him c and slow with the bath brush knowing he was feeling it more now that his bottom had wet, so it probably stings more, my hand did.

I finished spanking him until his buttocks was a pretty shade of pink around some white spots that he should feel when he sits down for the next little while.

spanking fm

It began when he asked me a question about something, we chatted about it and not five minutes passes before he asks me the same exact question again. I stood up and had him t positions, gave him a few more smacks then removed his underwear. Beginning to spank him with my hand again until I walked over and picked up my leather spankd.