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Girl peeing in snow

Girl peeing in snow

jwz: the simple joy of writing your name in the snow

Dear persons snow vaginas, Why in the world have you not yet learned to peeing standing up? I've seen demos of this. My understanding is that with proper technique, and peeing props, you can do it without pissing all over girl pants and without getting your hands or legs wet. Girl I found snow in some kind snod Freaky Friday body-swap situation, figuring this out would peeing ssnow on my list. Ok, second on my list.

yellow snow

Ok, third on my list. Ok, definitely some girl during the first week. Erect clit close up is also a difference between "squatting" and what most women who fear toilets do, which is trying to "hover" over the seat. To me, "squatting" implies "ass snow at floor level. Not the same as ij to use the toilets in DNA without touching them.