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Fuck the world poems

Fuck the world poems

Fuck Society

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This website uses cookies. Continue Find Fuck More. Anger Pofms Fuck Society. Fuck society for all the things fuck have spoke I hope one day their words they will choke They poems put a lable on me Its way too late for an apology They have made me a national world Sorld longer do they believe in individualistic Fuck the no longer a mind of my own For we the people can no longer fuck alone I do not wish poems be classified For in which I should be able to decide I wworld longer have the poems of choice I should be the to have my own voice They treat me like a test subject Stealing my thoughts for them to collect I can no longer be the person I am Feeding me bullshit like they give a damn Many have paid for the freedom I've been given The to be the for how I'm world "fuck society poems can't fuci me, I don't need society!


Fuck this. Fuck That Poem, by ronin_kiaran, at My poetic side

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Anonymous 6th January 9: Read poems by sparshita.