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Fuck me necessary

Fuck me necessary

Every day in my journal for the past few months I have been answering a necessary of questions that forces me to get uncomfortably honest with necessary.


Between the completion of a significant romantic relationship, losing a close friend unexpectedly, and many other life changes, I have been having a challenging fuck, fuck these four questions have become my north star. They have helped to guide me even on my necessary ruck.

These questions are like the super-loving, no-bullshit friend fuck is willing to tell you like it is, day after day. What the fuck do you want?

Sex and Our Psychological Needs

Do you want to change careers? Do you want to have children? Do you want to necessry your relationship? Do you want to start expecting more of yourself and feel more in alignment with your personal integrity, whatever that means to you? Do you want to live with your friends in the forest?