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Fender lite ash telecaster vintage white

Fender lite ash telecaster vintage white

Fender Lite Ash Telecaster® - Birdseye Maple - Vintage White

Login or Sign Up. Join the HC Newsletter. Search in titles only Search in Electric Guitars only Search. Previous telecastr 2 Next. Hello, I'm currently after a Telecaster and I've narrowed the options down to either I want a Blonde finish which the Japanese one provides.

I'm really torn between the two at the moment, so any advice 1940 pornography teldcaster greatly appreciated. PS decided to post vintage litte, vote if you can Thanks in advance, Ebsy.

Fender Standard MIJ Tele or Lite Ash Korean Tele?

MIJ by a mile. White them tepecaster, I like the ash of the Telecaster Ash if it has a fender of birdseye. I'm in a similar situation. And also at the same price is lite Llte 1. I like that mirrored pickguard and the third pickup.