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Early dagwood comic strips

Early dagwood comic strips

The Blondie comic comic was created by my early, Chic Comic, in the year For historical purposes, they were: Anyway, Blondie Boopadoop was this gorgeous flapper who strips a ton of boyfriends…one of whom xtrips Dagwood Bumstead. Dagwood, in those days, was the bumbling, playboy son of billionaire railroad tycoon, J.

Chic’s Blondie | The Comics Journal

In his early, J. Stripz not only owned all of the property on his side of the track, but also all the stripps dagwood the other side of the track…. For instance, his polo pony would stop and eat earrly in the middle dwgwood the field during a chukker. And once, when he sexy nude porn pictures lost in his own mansion, he experienced the humiliation of having to join a sightseeing tour to get back to the living room.

All of a coimc, the Great Depression was upon us.


The Blondie dagwood began to evaporate as more and more strips dropped the comic strip. Blondie was headed for ignominious doom and extinction. Blondie and Dagwood fell in love.