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DDoS attack against Bitbucket darkens Amazon cloud. Дата обращения: Self Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting: Accounting for the security impact of hosting in the cloud.

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Microsoft Research. Security for the cloud infrastructure: Equation 3 can be used as a basis for quantitative comparison of risks of various alternatives. Suppose that the expected values of threat and vulnerability of the two alternatives Ak and Ai are vktk and viti respectively. Therefore, relative performance of alternatives is:. Lower value of vjtj corresponds to the more attractive alternative, therefore, in order to go to the maximization problem, we should consider the reciprocal values under risk criterion.

Linear scale should be used for comparing the alternatives under risk criterion. In case of relative importance of criteria comparison, it is necessary to take in consideration a requirement of normality:.

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Therefore, following simple procedure can be used in practice. The first step is to assign weights Wj and Wj to two random criteria Cj and Cj based on their relative importance.

Absolute values of alternatives in terms of each criterion were estimated by experts. In accordance with rules proposed in Section 3, the entries of S, F and R can be calculated as follows:. In accordance with Section 3. Let use weighted production model WPM to define relative attractiveness of alternatives.

WPM is one of best known and simplest MCDM method for evaluating number of alternatives in terms of a number decision criteria. Suppose that a given MCDM problem is defined on m alternatives and n decision criteria, and all the criteria are benefit criteria, that is, the higher the values are, the better it is.

Let Wj denotes the relative weight of importance of the criterion Cj and ajki is the relative performance value of alternative Ak regarding alternative Aj when they are evaluated in terms of criterion Cj.

So, to compare the two alternatives Ak and Aj the following product has to be calculated [4]:. With given C, S, F and R: Therefore, with given criteria priorities and parameters estimations the best alternative is A2, because it is superior to all the other alternatives.

The ranking of alternatives is as follows: The main goal of paper is to propose simple model that can be used in practice. Three criteria cost of ownerships saving, intangible benefits that associated with speed of reaction to change and security risks that have been proposed here are enough simple and all necessary data can be obtained from accounting system, contract conditions, statistics and expert opinions. The proposed method helps easy to get a consistent matrix of pairwise comparisons.

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Bases of modeling and initial data processing. Financy i statisitca, Bonham S. Artech House, Hackathorn R.: Minimizing Action Distance. Data Administration Newsletter, February 1, Components of Enterprise IT Strategy: Decision-Making Model and Efficiency Measurement. Manage cryptographic keys for your cloud services the same way you do on-premises. Protect cryptographic keys in a fully managed cloud-hosted HSM service.

Fast, scalable de-identification for sensitive data like credit card numbers, names, social security numbers, and more. Define a security perimeter around GCP resources to constrain data within a VPC and help mitigate data exfiltration risks. In storage, encryption at rest protects data on backup media. Data is also replicated in encrypted form for backup and disaster recovery. GCP is engineered to achieve a more secure and effective data deletion process in accordance with service-specific policies.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention. Automatically discover and redact sensitive data everywhere. Governance, risk, and compliance Cloud Data Catalog Fully managed and scalable metadata management service that empowers you to quickly discover, manage, and understand your data. Our commitment to our shared responsibility for protecting and managing your data in the cloud. Third-party verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls, certifications, and attestations against global standards.

Cloud Data Catalog. Quickly discover, manage, and understand your data. Identity and access management Cloud Identity and Access Management IAM Fine-grained access control and visibility for centrally managing cloud resources.

A building block toward BeyondCorpwhich enables every employee to work from untrusted networks without the use of a VPN. Cloud IAM. Purpose-built chips, servers, storage, network, and data centers, which protect against hardware-level intrusion. Maintains three audit logs for each project, folder, and organization: View and monitor an inventory of your cloud assets and detect common web vulnerabilities, all from a single, centralized dashboard.

Expand your visibility over your cloud provider through near real-time logs.