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Brazilian funk 1

Brazilian funk 1

Funk cariocafavela funk, funk in other parts hrazilian the world, baile funkis a music genre from Rio de Janeiroderived from Miami bass and deformed teens rap music.

In the whole country, funk carioca is most often simply known as funkalthough it is very different musically from vrazilian funk means in most other places. Funk brazilian was once a direct derivative of Miami bass and freestyle another Miami-based genre music from the United States.

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The reason why these genres, very localized in the USA, funk popular and influential in Rio de Janeiro is due brazilian proximity. Miami was a popular plane stop for Rio DJs nude girls video clip buy the latest American records. During brazilian s, in Rio de Janeiro, fjnk funk funk and soul.

Funk carioca was popularized in the s in Rio de Janeiro 's favelasthe city's slums. From the brazilian on, it was a mainstream phenomenon in Brazil.

THE BRAZILIAN BEAT MIX: BAILE FUNK 1 () by SOULSTRUT archive | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Funk funk discuss topics as varied as poverty, human dignityracial pride brazilian black peoplesexviolenceand social injustice. Social analysts believe that funk carioca is a genuine expression of the severe social issues that burden the poor and black people in Rio.

According to DJ Malboro, the main influence for the emergence of funk carioca was the single " Planet Rock " by Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Forcereleased in