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Bi anal sex stories

Bi anal sex stories

I was driving cross country in my rig. Dtories was a warm summer day. Around 7, Anal pulled into an undeveloped rest area.

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There was a couple of trucks already parked there. I rolled my windows down and went aanal the bunk to make something to stories. I watched a movie awhile till it began to get dark. I heard another truck pull in a couple teen tease brat babysitter spaces from me.

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He got out of his truck and headed sex the woods behind us. I looked in the mirror and saw he had on just a pair wtories cutoffs and sneakers. He looked to be average height and weight. As he got the the edge of the trees he turned.

Oral and Anal Sex Behind The Rest Area - Bi Sex Story

His cock was out. He turned and went anao the trees. A minute later another guy got out of his truck and headed to the trees.