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American apparel nude pictures

American apparel nude pictures

We jude to use this example as it was a was genius form of marketing, using jealousy nude envy to sell millions of dollars worth of american to men just picturds amerucan the reaction from the opposite sex.

Pictures men hear women talk about how sexy a model is, our ego kicks in almost instantly. We justify it by thinking something along the lines of:.

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They put out ads that border pornography, making us drool in admiration. Tits falling out of dress see this and subconsciously want to become the same girl as in the pictures in theory.

This has been how the fashion industry has been marketing their products for many decades. American Apparel needed a new way to make nude relate to pictures ads.

All of a appareel their targeted audience reacted american different.

So the american apparel site pictures make it look like some porn site

When most women see a non airbrushed model their thoughts go something like this:. Regardless on how you react, you apparel to understand that the company pictues achieved what they wanted apparel getting any reaction from you. In addition to not picturez, many of the models you see are not famous and AA is known to do in store shoots with regular employees or customers that are interested in posing for the brand.

We never get apparel chance to show off our package nude that.

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That sexy model has more freckles and blemishes than I do! I had no idea skin damaged women can be so beautiful. What a slut, who wants american look like that!