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Alex the lion and gloria sex

Alex the lion and gloria sex

I'm actually updating this story!? I bet I'm giving you a heart attack right now. Anyways, since sex many of you wanted to watch this story grow, I am writing this and a sexy and epic conclusion to a sxe story.

Film Threat seems to think Alex the Lion and Marty the Zebra from "Madasgascar 2" are gay

Please, continue to review and tell me your ideas, and I will take them to heart. Also, if you hadn't noticed, I changed my name from Lionstar09 to Lionstar To those gloeia you who are familiar with the rules of the lion, you understand the reference. For those of you who gloria, Rule 34 says that if it exists, there the a porn of it.

So that's what I'm here for.

Parent reviews for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

If you have a request on what I should do next, and I like your idea, I will give it a shot. Request any at alex Male x Male stories. Nothing against gays or anything, I just can't write it.